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            一、 榜首种题型(议论文)

            1. 观念磕碰题(比照观念选择题):

            大多为三点提纲,提纲形式一般是:有一些人……; 还有人…….; 我的观念或观念

            作文题:For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes towrite a composition on the topics Is a Test of Spoken English Necessary? The first sentence has already been written for you. You should write at least 100 words, and base your compositionon the outline given in Chinese below:

            1. 很多人认为有必要举办英语口语考试,理由是…….

            2. 也有人持不同定见,……..

            3. 我的观念和计划









            The topic of ①-----------------(主题)is becoming more and more popular recently. There are two sides of opinions of it. Some people say A is their fa高考英语作文高分模板大汇总,写作必背!vorite. They hold their view for the reason of ②-----------------(支撑A的理由一)What is more/Plus, ③-------------理由二). Moreover, ④---------------(理由三).

            While others think that B is a better choice in the following three reasons.Firstly,-----------------(支撑B的理由一). Secondly (besides),⑥------------------(理由二). Thirdly (finally),⑦------------------(理由三).

            From my point of view, I think ⑧----------------(我的观念). The reason is that ⑨--------------------(原因). As a matter of fact, there are some other reasons to explain my choice. For me, the former is surely a wise choice.



            Some people believe that ①----------------(观念一). For example, they think ②-----------------(举例阐明).And it will bring them ③-----------------(为他们带来的优点).

            In my opinion,I never think this reason can be the point. For one thing,④-------------(我不同意该观念的理由一). For another thing, ⑤-----------------(对立的理由之二).

            Form all what I have said, I agree to the thought that ⑥------------------(我对文章所谈论主题的观念).


            ①Different people have quite different views on_____. ②It is held by some people that_____. ③But it is also held by others that _____.

            ④Those who hold the first opinion think that________. ⑤In their view, ______. ⑥In contrast,those who hold the opposite view think that ______. ⑦They argued that ______.

            ⑧As far as I am concerned, I agree with ____. ⑨Admittedly,______. ⑩Furthermore, ______. (11)Finally, ____. (12)In conclusion, ______.


            ①There is a pair of opposite ideas on ______. ②Some people consider that_____.③However, others hold the opposite view that_______.

            ④S高考英语作文高分模板大汇总,写作必背!ome people would say that ______. ⑤They hold this view because ______. ⑥In contrast,others believe that _____. ⑦They argue that_____________.

            ⑧As to me, I amin favor of_____. ⑨First(ly), ______. ⑩Second(ly),______. (11) The most important of all,______. (12)In a word, ______.




            ①It is true that________. ②Nowadays, ________. ③What impresses us most is ______. ④Of course, ________.

            ⑤There is also a growing concern over ______. ⑥The main reason for this is _________.⑦What is more, ________. ⑧As a result,________.

            ⑨Consider神州租车官网ing all these reasons, personally, _______. ⑩On the one hand, ______.(11)On the other hand, ______. (12)In a word, ______.


            ①Nowadays, wherever you go, _______. ②As is known to all, _____. ③In a word, ______.

            ④There are plenty of contributing causes among which, the following ones are particularly worth mentioning. ⑤First, ______. ⑥Second, _____. ⑦And consequently, ____.⑧And finally,_____.

            ⑨In fact, ______in the long run. ⑩Besides, ____. (11)And what’s more, ____.

            (12) Therefore, let’s remember that ______.


            My View on the Negative Effects of Some FalseAdvertisement

            1. 现在有些不良的商业广告

            2. 这些广告的副作用和损害性

            3. 我对这些广告的情绪


            Nowadays every one of us may come across ————now and then (偶然). These————are most harmful to the whole society.


            For my part / From my own perspective (替换in my opinion), their harmfulness can be summarized in the following respects. In the first place,————In the second place, ————Last but not least, .


            In my mind, the government and the citizens should join hands to put an end to these————. On one hand, the government should————On the other hand, common citizens should ————Only by the joint effects of the government and the common characters can we (only用在句首引导状语时,主句部分倒装) do away with (废弃,去掉) .


            ①With the development/improvement/

            reform/opening of…in recent years, ______. ②So it is of great importance for us to _______. ③On the one hand, ______. ④On the other hand, ______.

            ⑤However, what really matters is ______. ⑥Firstly, _____. ⑦So long as_______.⑧Secondly, ____. ⑨Thirdly, _____. ⑩Lastly, ______.⑾In fact,______. ⑿In a word, ______.


            In recent days, we have to face the problem-----A, which is becoming more and more serious. First, ------------(阐明A的现状).Second,-------------高考英语作文高分模板大汇总,写作必背!--(举例进一步阐明现状)

            Confronted with A, we should take a series of effective measures to cope with the situation.For one thing, ---------------(解决办法一).For another -------------(解决办法二).Finally, --------------(解决办法三)

            Personally, I believe that -------------(我的解决办法).Consequently, I’m confident that a bright future is awaiting us because--------------(带来的优点).

            二、 第二种题型(图表题)


            As can be clearly seen fromthe graph/table/chart (As is shown in the table/figure), great changed havetaken place in_______, The _________ have/has skyrocketed/jumped from _____ to_____.

            When it comes to the reasons for the changes, different people give different explanations. Here I shall just give a few. To begin with, ______What’s more,___________, Last but not least, ________.

            While it is desirable that ___________, there are still some problems and difficulties for __________ Firstly, __________高考英语作文高分模板大汇总,写作必背! ,In ad高考英语作文高分模板大汇总,写作必背!dition,__________ ,In a word, __________ .

            三、 第三种题型(信件题)



            Dear Sir/ Madam:

            ①My name is _______.②I am a ______.③I venture towrite a letter to you about ______.④The focus ofthe complaint is ______. ⑤For one thing, _______. ⑥For another, ________.

            ⑦Honestly speaking, ______. ⑧But _______. ⑨Besides, _______. ⑩All in all, there is still much room for improvement as far as ______ is concerned. (11)I do hope _______.

            (12)Thank you for your consideration.

            Sincerely yours,


            Dear Sir/ Madam:

            ①I am _______. ②On behalf of _______, I _______. ③I am writing to you to _______. ④The main problem involves ______.⑤On the one hand, ______. ⑥On the other hand, _______.

            ⑦To tell you thetruth, _______. ⑧However, ______.⑨In addition, _______. ⑩If ______.(11) Finally, we are looking forward to your quick dealing with the matter.

            (12)Thank you for your kind consideration.

            Sincerely yours,



            ①Dear ______:

            I have received your letter saying that______. ②Your letter gives me much pleasure and _____. ③I recommend that ______. ④For one thing, _____. ⑤For another, ______.

            ⑥As to _____ , I think _____. ⑦Then ______. ⑧In order to _____, Isuggest ______. ⑨Besides, I ______. ⑩So I believe _______.

            (11)Please sendme a letter telling me ____. (12)I am looking forward to seeing you.



            ①Dear _____:

            I am delighted to learn that _____.②It is several years since _____. ③_____is your best choice, I think. ④On the one hand, _____. ⑤On the other hand, _____.

            ⑥Speaking of ______ , the following is what I suggest ______. ⑦If ____. ⑧There is no need for you to ______. ⑨In addition,_____. ⑩I am sure ______.

            (11) Just write to me ____, (12)I am looking forward to seeing you soon.






            The good old proverb ----------------(名言或谚语)reminds us that ----------------(释义).高考英语作文高分模板大汇总,写作必背!Indeed, we can learn many things form it.

            First of all,-----------------(理由一).For example, -------------------(举例阐明). Secondly,----------------(理由二). Another case is that ---------------(举例阐明). Furthermore , ------------------(理由三).

            In my opinion,----------------(我的观念).In short, whatever you do, please remember the say------A. If you understand it and apply it to your study or work, you’ll necessarily benefit a lot from it.



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